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Photos and Press

Here are some images of  The Trophy Mules as well as recent press clippings...

The Trophy Mules perform as part of Twangfest's Saturday Sessions at Tower Grove Park in St. Louis.

"Exceptionally well-played, pleasant country/Americana."

- Riverfront Times

"Corey Saathoff doesn't write predictable alt-country fare - if there are booze and broken hearts in his songs, they're part of his stories. His style is impressionistic in the best sense, as evocative of the songs of R.E.M. as those of Jay Farrar."

- Roy Kasten,

"Sometimes you hear a song and it galvanizes you... the vocal harmonies and pedal steel guitar on 'Marigold' are sensational. When Corey sings 'But when the sun shines, the flowers will remind, we have wings to fly,' it makes me feel at peace."

- KDHX DJ Pat Wolfe on the song "Marigold Life" in Belleville News-Democrat

"One of St. Louis' more underrated songwriters, Corey Saathoff combines front porch twang and thoughtful, prescient lyrics, sung with plainspoken honesty."


"Corey Saathoff's one of our town's undersung talents, to be sure. The music's not flashy or hip, but rather honest, true."


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